Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

directed by NY Neo-Futurists Ensemble


Every Friday and Saturday Night at the Kraine Theatre, the award-winning, ever-changing endeavor to perform 30 Plays in 60 Minutes. Embracing chance, change and a little chaos, each show is unique as the audience randomly chooses the order of 30 original short plays, and the energetic ensemble of New York actors, writers and performance artists create a collage of sex, politics, current events and their own New York City lives, blending the comic and the tragic using a variety of theatrical innovations. 2006 Recipients for Outstanding Performance Art Production.


 9/29/2007 at 10:30pm
 2/1/2008 at 10:30pm
 2/2/2008 at 10:30pm
 2/8/2008 at 10:30pm
 2/9/2008 at 10:30pm
 2/15/2008 at 10:30pm
 2/16/2008 at 10:30pm
 2/22/2008 at 10:30pm
 2/23/2008 at 10:30pm
 2/29/2008 at 10:30pm
 3/1/2008 at 10:30pm
 3/7/2008 at 10:30pm
 3/8/2008 at 10:30pm
 3/14/2008 at 10:30pm
 3/15/2008 at 10:30pm
 3/21/2008 at 10:30pm
 3/22/2008 at 10:30pm
 3/28/2008 at 10:30pm
 3/29/2008 at 10:30pm
 4/4/2008 at 10:30pm
 4/5/2008 at 10:30pm
 4/11/2008 at 10:30pm
 4/12/2008 at 10:30pm
 4/18/2008 at 10:30pm
 4/19/2008 at 10:30pm
 4/25/2008 at 10:30pm
 4/26/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/2/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/3/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/9/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/10/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/16/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/17/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/23/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/24/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/30/2008 at 10:30pm
 5/31/2008 at 10:30pm

Theatre/Venue Kraine Theater 

85 East 4th Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations (212) 352-3101 
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Producing Organization: New York Neo-Futurists  
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