The Taming of the Shrew

Hipgnosis' The Taming of the Shrew 

The Taming of the Shrew is a play within a play, a piece of theatrical entertainment staged for Christopher Sly, a poor drunkard who is tricked into thinking himself a lord - a man with all the comforts that money and wealth and privilege can offer: a sumptuous home, fine food and drink, obedient servants, a submissive wife who dotes on him, and his own poor band of actors who perform plays for his enjoyment. As a ramshackle, vaudeville Taming unfolds complete with actor-produced music, sound effects, presentational backdrops and unforgiving footlights Sly doses off. The cast of Shrew begins to slowly take over the "home" of their sleeping patron, and the love story between Kate and Petruchio - the hidden play inside the slapstick comes into full focus. Hipgnosis' production of The Taming of the Shrew is a meditation on love, the theatrics it demands from us and creates in us, and what it means to be truly rich.


 6/15/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/16/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/17/2007 at 5:00pm
 6/20/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/21/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/22/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/23/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/24/2007 at 5:00pm
 6/27/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/28/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/29/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/30/2007 at 2:00pm
 6/30/2007 at 8:00pm
 7/1/2007 at 5:00pm

Theatre/Venue Flamboyan Theatre - CSV Cultural Center 

107 Suffolk Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212-868-4444 
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Producing Organization: Hipgnosis Theatre Company  
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