Dinner with Friends

directed by Rob O'Neill

Four long time friends, two marriages, one break up and an evening of Pulizter Prize winning theatre that is filled with honesty, humor and the profound realities of love and relationships


 5/18/2007 at 8:00pm
 5/19/2007 at 2:00pm
 5/19/2007 at 8:00pm
 5/20/2007 at 2:00pm
 5/21/2007 at 7:00pm
 5/24/2007 at 7:00pm
 5/25/2007 at 8:00pm
 5/26/2007 at 2:00pm
 5/26/2007 at 8:00pm
 5/27/2007 at 2:00pm
 5/31/2007 at 7:00pm
 6/1/2007 at 8:00pm
 6/2/2007 at 2:00pm
 6/2/2007 at 8:00pm

Theatre/Venue Michael Weller Theatre 

311 W43rd Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212-868-4444 
Website for reservations www.smarttix.com or www.dinnerwfriends.com  
Running time  


Producing Organization: Dinner with Friends Productions  
Website www.dinnerwfriends.com  
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