directed by Elizabeth Swain

Timothy D. Stickney stars as Hamlet 

Take Wing And Soar Productions proudly presents Shakespeare's HAMLET. In a time of conflict, a voice from the grave will take a vengeful man to a place beyond sanity where only conspiracy and death await. Elizabeth Swain leads The TWAS Classical Actors of Color as they join Daytime Television Star Timothy D. Stickney as he takes on the role of Prince Hamlet, whose powerful feelings and mocking wit ill suit him for the task of vengeance.


 4/13/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/14/2007 at 2:00pm
 4/14/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/15/2007 at 3:00pm
 4/18/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/19/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/20/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/21/2007 at 2:00pm
 4/21/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/22/2007 at 3:00pm
 4/25/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/26/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/27/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/28/2007 at 2:00pm
 4/28/2007 at 8:00pm
 4/29/2007 at 3:00pm

Theatre/Venue The WorkShop Theater | Mainstage 

312 West 36th Street, Fourth Floor East  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212-696-6572 
Website for reservations www.takewingandsoar.org  
Running time  


Producing Organization: Take Wing And Soar Productions, Inc.  
Website www.takewingandsoar.org  
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