Spic & Spam

by Alba Sanchez & Peter J. Byrnes

directed by Gary Dini

Spic & Spam poster 

Alba Sanchez, a leading female comedic voice in the Latino community, with the help of her friend Peter J. Byrnes, uses her sarcastic wit to examine the cliches, stereotypes and misconceptions of the races, and ethnicities that make up modern America, while examining the life of their long-time friendship. Together, they perform dozens of characters - each! - in this hilarious multi-media series of vignettes that looks at culture through a Latino and gay-Appalachian-White Trash lens.


 9/22/2006 at 10:00pm
 9/23/2006 at 10:00pm
 9/24/2006 at 5:30pm
 9/29/2006 at 10:00pm
 9/30/2006 at 10:00pm
 10/1/2006 at 5:30pm
 10/6/2006 at 10:00pm
 10/7/2006 at 10:00pm
 10/8/2006 at 5:30pm

Theatre/Venue La MaMa Experimental Theatre 

74A East 4th St  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212-475-7710 
Website for reservations www.lamama.org  
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Producing Organization: LaMaMa Experimental Theater Club  
Website www.lamama.org  
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