The Boys

by Gordon Graham

"The Boys takes a hard-hitting look at male violence towards women and the many factors that fuel it. When Brett Sprague is released from prison, younger brothers Glenn and Stevie throw him a homecoming party. As the beer flows, tensions begin to arise between the boys and their women: hot-headed Brett accuses his girlfriend of infidelity while he was locked up, the passive Glenn becomes angered by his controlling girlfriend’s haughty attitude toward his family, and Stevie wants to dump his pregnant girlfriend despite his mother’s demands to the contrary. The brothers’ anger soon turns into rage against women in general and they leave the party together. The next day a woman is found brutally raped and murdered and the brothers are taken into custody. But are the boys capable of committing such a violent act?"


 9/13/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/14/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/15/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/16/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/20/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/21/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/22/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/23/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/27/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/28/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/29/2006 at 7:30pm
 9/30/2006 at 7:30pm

Theatre/Venue Kraine Theater 

85 East 4th Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212 868 4444 
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Producing Organization: Outhouse Theatre Co.  
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