The Poor of New York

directed by Alex Roe

Bob Mackasek and David Logan Rankin. Photo: Metropolitan Playhouse 

A financial crash, a government shut-down, and a banker grows rich off another man's fortune, while that man's family sinks deeper and deeper into debt. Their lives are all intertwined with a young aristocrat, an immigrant family, and a whimsical, opportunistic thief, all struggling with newfound poverty. But in the melodramatic universe, deliverance comes from unexpected places. A genre-defining melodrama from one of the 19th century's masters with quite a lot to tell us today, of course.


 4/21/2019 at 3:00pm
 4/22/2019 at 7:00pm
 4/25/2019 at 7:30pm
 4/27/2019 at 7:30pm
 4/28/2019 at 3:00pm
 5/2/2019 at 7:30pm
 5/3/2019 at 7:30pm
 5/4/2019 at 7:30pm
 5/5/2019 at 3:00pm
 5/7/2019 at 7:00pm
 5/8/2019 at 3:00pm
 5/9/2019 at 7:30pm
 5/10/2019 at 7:30pm
 5/11/2019 at 7:30pm
 5/12/2019 at 3:00pm
 5/14/2019 at 7:00pm
 5/15/2019 at 3:00pm
 5/16/2019 at 7:30pm
 5/17/2019 at 7:30pm
 5/18/2019 at 7:30pm
 5/19/2019 at 3:00pm

Theatre/Venue Metropolitan Playhouse 

220 E 4th Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212-995-8410 
Website for reservations  
Running time 2hr. 15min. 


Producing Organization: Metropolitan Playhouse  
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