The Rare Biosphere

by Chris Cragin Day

directed by Christopher J. Domig


Sophie, a bright Honduran-American teenager, comes home from high school to find that her parents have been deported. She immediately goes into bunker-down survival mode, trying to care for her younger siblings without raising suspicion and considering her next move. Her plan is complicated by a well-meaning high school friend who, in a series of attempts to ask her out, discovers her secret.


 4/26/2019 at 8:00pm
 4/27/2019 at 3:00pm
 4/27/2019 at 8:00pm
 4/28/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/1/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/2/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/3/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/4/2019 at 3:00pm
 5/4/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/8/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/9/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/10/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/11/2019 at 3:00pm
 5/11/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/15/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/16/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/17/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/18/2019 at 3:00pm
 5/18/2019 at 8:00pm
 5/19/2019 at 8:00pm

Theatre/Venue Calvary St. George's 

61 Gramercy Park North  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 646-463-0542 
Website for reservations  
Running time 1hr. 30min. 


Producing Organization: Sea Dog Theater  
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