Major Barbara

directed by Brooke O'Harra

The Theatre of a Two-Headed Calf, led by director Brooke O'Harra and composer Brendan Connelly, is perceived as one of the standout young companies to work at La MaMa in recent years. The case includes longtime Open Theater member and Two-headed Calf regular Tina Shepard, Printer's Devil star Heidi Schreck, and many new young talents. What happens when George Bernard Shaw, theater's old-time renegade, meets Japanese Kabuki? Will it be a fight to the death or can these two desparate theatrical forms peacefully and productively co-exist? In this work, The Theatre of a Two-headed Calf melds together the dense political rhetoric of Shaw with the physical and vocal stylizations of Japanese Kabuki and discovers the many ways that, though quite different, these two theater styles, preoccupied as they are with the physicalization of class and gender difference actually inform one another. The infusion of Kabuki's Aexthetics of Cruelty adds a particular poignance to Shaw's play, in which Barbara, a Major in the Salvation Army, argues for soul-saving and redemption, while her father, a rich arms manufacturer, argues for the necessity of man's murderous, freedom-giving abilities.


 1/12/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/13/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/14/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/15/2006 at 2:30pm
 1/15/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/19/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/20/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/21/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/22/2006 at 2:30pm
 1/22/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/26/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/27/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/28/2006 at 7:30pm
 1/29/2006 at 2:30pm
 1/29/2006 at 7:30pm

Theatre/Venue La MaMa Experimental Theatre 

74A East 4th St  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212-475-7710 
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Producing Organization: LaMaMa Experimental Theater Club  
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