The Aurora Project

by Bella Poynton

directed by Jesse Kane-Hartnett

design by Hannah Ross 

The Aurora Project follows Constantine, an “intelligent design” indistinguishable from human beings, and Nora, a genetically enhanced female explorer, as they begin their voyage across the uncharted universe. When Nora decides to go against Constantine’s wishes and visit a strange new planet, she’s quickly infected with an incurable illness. In order to delay the grisly death of his only friend, Constantine decides to subject them both to the phenomenon of Cryonics. Thus, the pair begins a kind of frozen time warp, spanning millions of years as they wait for the universe to get smarter, and a cure to Nora’s illness to be found.


 6/2/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/3/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/4/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/7/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/8/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/9/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/10/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/11/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/14/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/15/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/16/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/17/2017 at 8:00pm
 6/18/2017 at 8:00pm

Theatre/Venue Access Theater Black Box 

380 Broadway, 4th Floor  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 2077494761 
Website for reservations  
Running time 1hr. 30min. 


Producing Organization: The Navigators - A Feminist Science Fiction Theater Company  
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