Haram! Iran!

by Jay Paul Deratany

directed by Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson


Based on a true story about the trial and conviction of two teenagers in Mashhad, Iran whose sole crime was being Gay - a forbidden crime in Iran


 3/3/2017 at 9:00pm
 3/4/2017 at 7:00pm
 3/5/2017 at 2:00pm
 3/8/2017 at 2:00pm
 3/10/2017 at 9:00pm
 3/11/2017 at 7:00pm
 3/12/2017 at 2:00pm
 3/17/2017 at 9:00pm
 3/18/2017 at 7:00pm
 3/19/2017 at 2:00pm

Theatre/Venue TADA! Theater 

15 West 28th Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 917-855-9837 
Website for reservations Haramiran.org  
Running time 1hr. 50min. 


Producing Organization: Red Spear Productions LLC  
Website www.redspearllc.com  
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