One Love: A new Play

directed by Peter Zachari

One Love: A New Play 

Can an overweight gay man find love with the help of his drag queen roommate, a stripper-turned-evangelist, a lazy-eyed nymphomaniac and even the soulful presence of Afro-dite? Hunter is haunted by the past the ghost of a failed relationship leaves him unable to find love even in his fantasies. Only when a sexy stranger from Pocatello, Idaho with an uncomplicated outlook on life enters his life does he have the courage to face his demons. Find out if love prevails in One Love premiering at Theater for the New City from May 5-May 22, 2016.


 5/5/2016 at 8:00pm
 5/6/2016 at 8:00pm
 5/7/2016 at 8:00pm
 5/8/2016 at 3:00pm
 5/12/2016 at 8:00pm
 5/13/2016 at 8:00pm
 5/14/2016 at 8:00pm
 5/15/2016 at 3:00pm
 5/19/2016 at 8:00pm
 5/20/2016 at 8:00pm
 5/21/2016 at 8:00pm
 5/22/2016 at 3:00pm

Theatre/Venue Theater for the New City 

155 First Avenue   New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212-254-1109 
Website for reservations  
Running time 2hr. 10min. 


Producing Organization: Zachari Productions  
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