The Further Adventures Of...

by Kathleen Warnock

directed by Eric Chase

Artwork by Duncan Pflaster 

Tune in again for “The Further Adventures of…” and follow Maggie Day as she uncovers the story of Commander Zoron and Prince Kal in the ’50s sci-fi serial, Atlantis, 1 Million Years B.C., and learns about the actors who portrayed them, Drake Darling and Frank Gallagher, and follows their paths from a classic sci-fi show to the age of the internet, revealing hidden secrets, lost loves, and the things people couldn’t say then (and maybe even now?)


 11/16/2015 at 7:00pm
 11/17/2015 at 7:00pm
 11/18/2015 at 7:00pm
 11/23/2015 at 7:00pm
 11/24/2015 at 7:00pm
 11/25/2015 at 7:00pm

Theatre/Venue West End Theater 

263 West 86th  New York

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Running time 1hr. 5min. 


Producing Organization: TOSOS  
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