Forgive Us Our Trespasses

by Jeffrey Stingerstein

directed by Jesse Kane-Hartnett


In April 1984, Claire Stukel was brutally attacked and raped. When she wrongly identified the attacker, an innocent man, Gene Shephard, spent 17 years in prison, only to be released on DNA evidence in 2002. His release forces Claire to reconsider all that she believes, including how to raise her son, Justin. But as Claire struggles to forgive herself, the past comes back to victimize her anew, and Gene’s innocence isn’t as clear as it was the day he was released.


 1/8/2015 at 8:00pm
 1/9/2015 at 8:00pm
 1/10/2015 at 2:00pm
 1/10/2015 at 8:00pm
 1/11/2015 at 4:00pm
 1/14/2015 at 8:00pm
 1/15/2015 at 8:00pm
 1/16/2015 at 8:00pm
 1/17/2015 at 2:00pm
 1/17/2015 at 8:00pm

Theatre/Venue IRT Theater 

154 Christopher St., 3rd floor  New York

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Running time 1hr. 45min. 


Producing Organization: Roving Roots  
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