It's Only Kickball, Stupid.

by Caroline Prugh

directed by Adam Fitzgerald


On a playground in 1988, Fiona Moore fights off Margo Jones' efforts to convince her to join the all-girls kickball team in their daily recess battles against the boys. This totally annoys young Fiona and yet there's something more to her feelings, but what? As she struggles to figure this out, the play opens up, moving between the late 80s and today. As the playground fades into memory, adult Fiona and her friends attempt to figure out just what was happening and maybe re-write a little of her-story.


 8/28/2014 at 7:30pm
 8/29/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/2/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/4/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/5/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/6/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/7/2014 at 5:00pm
 9/9/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/10/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/11/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/12/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/13/2014 at 7:30pm
 9/14/2014 at 5:00pm

Theatre/Venue Hartley House 

413 WEst 46th Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 866-811-4111 
Website for reservations  
Running time 1hr. 30min. 


Producing Organization: kef theatrical productions  
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