by Edward Elefterion

directed by Edward Elefterion


What is the meaning of fate and chance? Does the universe have intention or is everything random? August Strindberg endlessly struggled with the forces of fate while still embracing the whimsy and creative insight of chance. Inspired by Strindberg’s struggle and his search for answers through dramatic experiments with structure and theme, Rabbit Hole Ensemble focuses on the turning point of his career known as his “Inferno” crisis. Alone invites audiences to spy in secret on Strindberg and share in his private experiences as he struggles to understand the meaning of fate and chance in his life and art. The production features Rabbit Hole Ensemble’s signature minimalism: specific physical work, hand-held lighting, live sound, musical elements, and deceptively simple design.


 11/1/2012 at 8:00pm
 11/2/2012 at 8:00pm
 11/3/2012 at 8:00pm
 11/8/2012 at 8:00pm
 11/10/2012 at 8:00pm
 11/15/2012 at 8:00pm
 11/16/2012 at 8:00pm
 11/17/2012 at 8:00pm

Theatre/Venue Workshop Theater 

312 West 36th Street   New York

Phone Number for Reservations 1-800-838-3006 
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Running time 1hr. 30min. 


Producing Organization: Rabbit Hole Ensemble  
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