Israel Horovitz One-Acts

by Israel Horovitz for The Bump

directed by Mia Walker

July 5th-15th, Thurs - Sun 7 pm ! (photo by Eric Emch) 

3 One-Acts by Israel Horovitz: "It's Called the Sugar Plum" (1956, farce) US Premiere of "The Bump" (2012, love at first sight short) and "Beirut Rocks" (shattering drama about Hezbollah air raids in Beirut, 2006.)Different genres, different times, explore the timeless pursuit of 20-somethings search for iddentity and the obsession, love, and grief that goes into it.


 7/5/2012 at 7:00pm
 7/6/2012 at 7:00pm
 7/7/2012 at 7:00pm
 7/8/2012 at 7:00pm
 7/12/2012 at 7:00pm
 7/13/2012 at 7:00pm
 7/14/2012 at 7:00pm
 7/15/2012 at 7:00pm

Theatre/Venue Flea Theatre 

41 White Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations Box Office: 212.226.2407 
Website for reservations  
Running time 1hr. 30min. 


Producing Organization: Ethikos Productions  
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