by Jacob M. Appel

directed by Zac Hoogendyk

Kelly Strandemo, Laura Faith, Leigh Williams, and Jenna Panther. Photo by Katherine Miles Jones. 

Three sisters inherit their motherís house, but how do you divide it up equally? Split it into thirds? Hilarity begins when sisters Maya, Olivia, and Delilah Tuck try to decide if they should sell, keep, or choose who lives in their motherís home. When Maya begins to build a brick wall to claim her third of the house, itís clear a decision must be made before the mortar dries. In case family drama isnít funny enough, a neighbor from the past throws in her bid for the house. Starring Leigh Williams, Laura Faith, Kelly Strandemo and Jenna Panther.


 3/2/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/3/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/4/2012 at 3:00pm
 3/7/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/8/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/9/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/10/2012 at 2:00pm
 3/10/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/11/2012 at 2:00pm
 3/14/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/15/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/16/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/17/2012 at 2:00pm
 3/17/2012 at 8:00pm
 3/18/2012 at 3:00pm

Theatre/Venue Lion Theatre 

410 Wesdt 42 Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations (212) 239-6200 
Website for reservations  
Running time 1hr. 40min. 


Producing Organization: Heiress Productions, Inc.  
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