Arrah na Pogue

directed by Peter Dobbins

Arrah na Pogue 

Set in 1798, the classic Irish comedy is written by Dion Boucicault who uses the famed Rebellion as a backdrop for his tale of love, faith, loyalty and betrayal with a smile.


 3/11/2011 at 7:30pm
 3/12/2011 at 2:00pm
 3/12/2011 at 7:30pm
 3/17/2011 at 7:30pm
 3/18/2011 at 7:30pm
 3/19/2011 at 2:00pm
 3/19/2011 at 7:30pm
 3/24/2011 at 7:30pm
 3/25/2011 at 7:30pm
 3/26/2011 at 2:00pm
 3/26/2011 at 7:30pm
 3/31/2011 at 7:30pm
 4/1/2011 at 7:30pm
 4/2/2011 at 2:00pm
 4/2/2011 at 7:30pm

Theatre/Venue Theatre of the Church of Notre Dame 

114th Street and Morningside Park  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212-868-4444 
Website for reservations  
Running time 2hr. 15min. 


Producing Organization: The Storm Theatre  
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