Bail Out The Musical

by Randi Berry, Dechelle Damien, Kimberlea Kressal, Karly Maurer & Benjamin Spradley

directed by Kimberlea Kressal


The government is bailing out theater. But, if you want a slice of Uncle Sams pie you have to make a musical! Can a group of indie artists receive the funding? Watch this absurd comedy about how far people are willing to go to cash in on the opportunity of a lifetime.


 12/9/2009 at 8:00pm
 12/10/2009 at 8:00pm
 12/11/2009 at 8:00pm
 12/12/2009 at 8:00pm
 12/13/2009 at 2:00pm
 12/17/2009 at 8:00pm
 12/18/2009 at 8:00pm
 12/19/2009 at 8:00pm
 12/20/2009 at 2:00pm

Theatre/Venue Under St Marks 

94 St Marks Place  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 917-626-1369 
Website for reservations  
Running time 1hr. 10min. 


Producing Organization: Wreckio Ensemble  
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