directed by Timothy D. Stickney

artwork John Pirtel 2009 | graphic by dabgrafix 

Three daughters. Two Liars. And a King grown old but not wise. KING LEAR directed by Shakespearean actor and director Timothy D. Stickney tells a poignant tale of tragedy, murder, greed, power, madness, and ungrateful children! Can a man of power, give away that which makes him powerful, and still rule? Join the TWAS Classical Actors of Color as they share the stage with Tony Award winning Actress Trezana Beverley* as she takes on the role of a king gone mad; in one of the greatest plays in world drama.


 2/20/2009 at 8:00pm
 2/21/2009 at 2:00pm
 2/21/2009 at 8:00pm
 2/22/2009 at 4:00pm
 2/24/2009 at 7:00pm
 2/25/2009 at 11:00am
 2/25/2009 at 8:00pm
 2/26/2009 at 8:00pm
 2/27/2009 at 8:00pm
 2/28/2009 at 2:00pm
 2/28/2009 at 8:00pm
 3/1/2009 at 4:00pm

Theatre/Venue National Black Theatre 

2031 Fifth Avenue  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 212-696-6575 
Website for reservations  
Running time 2hr. 0min. 


Producing Organization: Take Wing And Soar Productions, Inc.  
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