Pericles, Prince of Tyre

directed by David Fuller

Originally set in ancient Greece and its environs, Pericles is the story of a man who refuses to stand up to a tyrant, choosing instead to run away. The consequences of his non-action lead him on a near twenty year journey through the Mediterranean, encompassing five city-states, and involving storms at sea, shipwrecks, jousts, brothels, birth, death, love, jealousy and reconciliation. Along the way, his and his loved ones’ lives are touched by would-be murderers, knights, an apothecary/shaman, pirates, pimps, panders, and even a governor caught soliciting sex. Though one of the Bard’s lesser known and rarely produced plays, Pericles, like other of Shakespeare’s works, continues to resonate in the 21st century.


 8/7/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/8/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/9/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/10/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/14/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/15/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/16/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/17/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/21/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/22/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/23/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/24/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/28/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/29/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/30/2008 at 6:30pm
 8/31/2008 at 6:30pm

Theatre/Venue Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument 

w.89th and Riverside Drive  New York

Phone Number for Reservations N/A 
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Running time 1hr. 30min. 


Producing Organization: Hudson Warehouse  
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