directed by Cyndy A. Marion


Set in a seaside bar on the coast of Southern California in the early 1970s, "Small Craft Warnings" (by Tennessee Williams) offers a glimpse into the lives of the “regulars” who inhabit the bar as refuge from the storm of life. Impassioned by the anniversary of her “angelic” brother’s death, Leona (a rowdy beautician) unleashes a fury of intolerance on her wayward drinking companions: a drunken ex-doctor who still practices illegally, an aging hustler, a homeless prostitute, and a spineless short-order cook. Monk the temperate and well-meaning barkeeper tries to keep the peace as two newcomers, a cynical homosexual and his young pick-up look on. Often considered the best play of Williams’ ‘Later Period’, "Small Craft Warnings" blends the poetic realism of his early work with the stylized-theatricality of his later plays. Originally a one-act entitled "Confessional," Williams expanded the play into the full-length "Small Craft Warnings" in 1971 after learning of a successful production in Bar Harbour, Maine. "Small Craft Warnings" was a ray of hope for Williams, who had just emerged from a personal and professional nadir. It was his testament to human isolation and an honest plea for acceptance and understanding. There will be a post-show talkback following the Sunday, Sept 21st performance. The moderated discussion will include renowned Tennessee Williams Scholars Dr. Annette J. Saddik and Mr. Thomas Keith. Dr. Saddik is an Associate Professor in the English Department at New York City College of Technology (CUNY) and a teacher in the Ph.D. Program in Theatre at the CUNY Graduate Center. She is the author of "Contemporary American Drama" and "The Politics of Reputation: The Critical Reception of Tennessee Williams’ Later Plays." Dr. Saddik has edited and introduced a collection of Williams’ previously unpublished later plays entitled "The Traveling Companion and Other Plays." Mr. Keith is an editor at New Directions Publishing in New York. He has been involved in the preparation of nineteen Tennessee Williams titles from New Directions, most recently "Mister Paradise and Other One-Act Plays," "The Traveling Companion and Other Plays," and "A House Not Meant to Stand," for which he also wrote the introduction and notes. Mr. Keith is on the board of advisors for the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival and the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival.


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