Cake and Plays...But Without the Cake

by Jono Hustis

directed by Daniel Horrigan

Cake and Plays is a ridiculous night of theatre where everyone says what they mean, but nothing is what it seems. Who is really responsible for Shakespeare's genius? Is it ok to make fun of Down's Syndrome on a first date? Is true love closer than you think? Cake and Plays answers all of these questions with three hilarious new plays.


 8/6/2008 at 8:00pm
 8/8/2008 at 9:30pm
 8/9/2008 at 2:00pm
 8/9/2008 at 9:30pm
 8/10/2008 at 6:00pm
 8/13/2008 at 8:00pm
 8/15/2008 at 9:30pm
 8/16/2008 at 2:00pm
 8/16/2008 at 9:30pm
 8/17/2008 at 6:00pm
 8/20/2008 at 8:00pm
 8/22/2008 at 9:30pm
 8/23/2008 at 2:00pm
 8/23/2008 at 9:30pm
 8/24/2008 at 6:00pm

Theatre/Venue Gene Frankel Theatre 

24 Bond Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 866-811-4111 
Website for reservations  
Running time 1hr. 30min. 


Producing Organization: At Hand Theatre Company  
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