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Episcopal Actors Guild, 1 East 29th Street  1/19/2019 to 8/18/2019

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Spring Awakening

Secret Theatre, 44-02 23rd St.  3/7/2019 to 3/24/2019

Designed by Marco Flores
The winner of eight Tony Awards (including Best Musical), Spring Awakening explores the journey through adolescence with poignancy and passion. An electrifying fusion of sex, rock & roll, and 1890s Germany. ...
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The Tempest

Plaxall Gallery, 5-25 46th Avenue  3/15/2019 to 3/31/2019

Shakespeare's tragi-comedy about betrayal, magic, marriage, and revenge. An aging wizard and his teenage daughter were exiled to sea and have lived on a remote island for many years. To exact revenge, magic is used to create a torrential storm that shipwrecks his enemies on his island. ...
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Dad in a Box

HERE Arts Center, 145 6th Avenue  4/5/2018 to 3/30/2019

Kim and Richard
Acclaimed artist Kim Katzberg (Darkling, Strays) returns with her most revealing—and hilarious—work. A prestigious improv comedy workshop seems like an ideal career boost for Katzberg, until she finds her fervid imagination hamstrung by generic critiques. "...Suicidal girl on a date? I'm not sure it...
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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Access Gallery, 380 Broadway, 4th floor  4/2/2019 to 4/14/2019
You may not feel worthy of love. Your family didn't express themselves that way. Your acquaintances had agendas. Your friendships were short lived. Nobody says yes to you. In a seedy Bronx dive, Danny (Cameron Clarke) meets Roberta (Cristina Ramos). Though they have been misunderstood and abused, tw...
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A Second Birth

Center at West Park, 165 W 86th St.   3/1/2019 to 3/24/2019

A Second Birth Show Poster
In a rural village in southern Afghanistan, a family struggles with the tradition of bacha posh - the practice of raising a daughter to act, dress, and behave like a boy. As her feminine features begins to blossom, Nasim(a) must confront the relationships of her past and the traditions of her future...
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The Owl Girl

Center at West Park, 165 W 86th St.   2/28/2019 to 3/20/2019

The Owl Girl Show Poster
In a newly re-imagined Middle East, two families with keys to the same house try to live in it together, with unexpected consequences....
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now my hand is ready for my heart: intimate histories

La MaMa Experimental Theatre, 74A East 4th St  3/22/2019 to 4/7/2019

L-R: Paz Tanjuaquio, Nicky Paraiso
now my hand is ready for my heart: intimate histories is a deep exploration of an artist’s life, which investigates aging, identity, sexuality, class and race. It is also a celebration of an artistic community as it grows older and continues to make work, both individually and with each other. Chor...
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Charlie’s Waiting

Theaterlab at 36th Street, 357 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor  3/30/2019 to 4/20/2019
Charlie’s Waiting, a world premiere by 2017 Parity Commission winner Mêlisa Annis, follows two women the night before their wedding. A pregnant Louise is busy with all the planning while her fiancée Kelly busies herself feeding the goats. Everything is going to plan, that is until Louise is forced t...
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Miranda from Stormville

IRT Theater, 154 Christopher St., 3rd floor  3/15/2019 to 3/24/2019
In small-town New Jersey, somewhere off the Garden State Parkway, a great storm is raging. But inside their little house, Miranda Milano watches the once-magical energy drain from her Pops' eyes. Their dormant life is shocked awake by the arrival of two young men, stranded by car trouble, who cause ...
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Holy Day

New Ohio Theater, 154 Christopher Street #1E  3/9/2019 to 3/24/2019

"Holy Day" by Andrew Bovell
The US premiere of Andrew Bovell's gothic drama "Holy Day". Australia, 1850s. A traveler’s rest on the ruthless colonial frontier. A child is missing. A man is dead. A church is burned to the ground. When strangers take the law into their own hands in a land that is not their own, history will be...
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The Tank @ 36th St, 312 W 36th St  3/29/2019 to 4/7/2019

Unfolding is a contemporary fairytale that magically transports the audience through space and time, capturing the journey of a woman as she navigates a life of self-discovery. A puppet theatre production, Unfolding weaves together nostalgic youth and covetable wisdom to explore themes of female...
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MEASURE FOR MEASURE by William Shakespeare

Paradise Factory Theatre, 64 E 4th Street  3/30/2019 to 4/14/2019

The Duke of Vienna sets off on a diplomatic mission abroad and hands over power to the austere Lord Angelo, who enforces the city’s long-dormant moral code with draconian zeal. But when a pious young nun comes to Angelo to plead for the life of her doomed brother, she sets in motion a series of even...
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THE MAIDS by Jean Genet

Paradise Factory Theatre, 64 E 4th Street  3/31/2019 to 4/14/2019

Two sisters, maids to a wealthy society woman, act out fantasies of class, love and revenge while the lady of the house is out on a romantic rendezvous. As their games intensify, the incipient violence escalates as they await Madame's return....
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Electronic City by Falk Richter, Directed by Ildiko Nemeth

New Stage Performance Space, 36 West 106th Street  4/12/2019 to 5/10/2019
Electronic City by Falk Richter is a multi-media theatre piece and a romance like none other. Set in the liminal spaces of modernity, the play follows characters Tom and Joy as they seek belonging, connection, and meaning amid transient lives pressured by long-distance travel, instant communication ...
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Dark Down Deep

WOW Cafe Theater, 59 East 4th Street  4/5/2019 to 4/13/2019
Sea monsters, subways, seduction. Tendrils envelop everyone when the sea consumes the city....
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June is the First Fall

New Ohio Theater, 154 Christopher Street #1E  3/31/2019 to 4/20/2019
Don, a gay Chinese man, returns home to Hawaii to rediscover missing memories of himself and his family that he left behind. His week-long stay opens wounds with his father and sister that never healed, aggravating Don’s struggle to find love and belonging in his life....
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Paradise Factory Theatre, 64 E 4th Street  3/28/2019 to 4/13/2019

Photo by Laura Betty Photography/Logo Design by Sarah Lohmann
Whore is a solo theatre piece telling a one of a kind story of survival, healing and transformation. It chronicles one woman’s journey to womanhood; revealing how misogyny and prejudice bled into her childhood and young adult life. Whore combines original music, movement, and multimedia to express t...
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