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Two Gentlemen of Verona

NYC Parks, Queens, Brooklyn & Manhattan  9/26/2019 to 10/27/2019

Shakespeare Sports will tell the story of Julia – in love with Proteus – disguising herself as a young man and follows Proteus to the Duke of Milan’s court. There, Proteus and his friend, Valentine meet the Duke’s daughter, Silvia, and instantly they BOTH fall for her. Let the games begin! (Jay Mich...
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Theaterlab at 36th Street, 357 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor  9/8/2019 to 9/28/2019
Play! is an interactive homage to the importance of radical play for a healthy society. What do mass murderers have in common? They are play-deprived. What happens to lab rats when you deprive them of play? They die. The answer to inefficiency is not more work, it’s play. And the opposite of play is...
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Theatre In The Dark

Theatrelab, 357 West 36th St., 3rd floor  9/8/2019 to 10/6/2019
Theatre In The Dark: Carpe Diem is a multi-sensory theatre piece with food that takes place entirely in the dark. Smell, taste, and touch your way through this nourishing ode to the present moment, and let it awaken your autonomous sensory meridian responses. Choreograph the Dance of Chocolate. Savo...
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Governors Island, Nolan Park, House 17  8/31/2019 to 10/27/2019

Linked Dance Theatre presents Remembrance
Remembrance is the story of a woman who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Part free, educational art installation and part ticketed, immersive show, this program will explore the fracturing memories of Margaret. Come discover her mind on your own time or help celebrate Margaret’s 65th birthday as one o...
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Gallery Players of Park Slope, 199 14th Street (btw 4th & 5th)  9/7/2019 to 9/29/2019

In a Berlin nightclub, as the 1920s draw to a close, a garish Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience and assures them they will forget all their troubles at the Cabaret. With the Emcee’s bawdy songs as wry commentary, Cabaret explores the dark, heady, and tumultuous life of Berlin’s natives and ...
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Richard the Third

Riverbank State Park Ampitheater, 679 Riverside Dr  9/6/2019 to 9/22/2019

Richard of Gloucester will stop at nothing to be the most powerful man in England. When his ambition goes too far, his rivals must defeat him to save the country from Richard's tyranny. ...
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The Heights Players, 26 Willow Place  9/6/2019 to 9/22/2019

Gypsy @ The Heights Players
The Heights Players is pleased to present our 64th Season Opening Musical production, Gypsy.Speculated by many (including NY Times critic Ben Brantley) to be the greatest of all American musicals, Gypsy tells the story of the dreams and efforts of one hungry, powerhouse of a woman to get her two dau...
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Lear: That Old Man I Used to Know

A.R.T./New York Gural Theatre, 502 W 53rd Street  9/7/2019 to 9/22/2019
A young girl has run away to her Grandmother's attic, a space for forgotten objects covered with drop cloths and dusty time. When searching through a stack of old books, she opens one up to reveal that the words literally come alive off the pages as characters and creatures emerge around her and beg...
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Dining With Ploetz

Theater for the New City, Cino Theater , 155 1st Ave  9/5/2019 to 9/22/2019
An evening of three one acts...
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A View From The Bridge

Waterfront Museum, 290 Conover St  9/12/2019 to 9/29/2019
A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller at the Waterfront Museum Barge...
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The Center at West Park, 165 W 86th St.   10/10/2019 to 10/20/2019

photo by Gregg Prosser
Enda Walsh's play Misterman, written for a solo performer, is a study of one man’s descent into religious mania in small-town Ireland.The play's action is set in 'an abandoned depot/dilapidated factory' in Inishfree, where loner Thomas Magill lives out his days, interacting with the people of the to...
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Secret Theatre, 44-02 23rd St.  9/19/2019 to 10/6/2019

Modern rock musical that explores the crises of the late 90s: AIDS epidemic, homelessness, gay rights, and of course a few love stories added in!...
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Water, Water, Everywhere...

Governors Island, Nolan Park, House 17  9/28/2019 to 10/27/2019
Water, Water Everywhere… is an intimate immersive performance that takes the audience on a whirlwind of time, space, and environment. The show invites visitors to explore the exhumation of memory, what makes a home and delivers a show that brings our global water crisis home. A small audience is div...
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How We Love/F*ck

Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce Street  9/25/2019 to 10/6/2019

How We Love/F*ck
How We Love/F*ck, a new play from powerhouse actor/playwright Lillian Isabella, is a sex-positive theatre piece in response to the #MeToo movement where she looks to celebrate female sexuality, and how fun sex can be....
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Pizza Man

13th Street Repertory Theatre Company, 50 West 13th Street  10/4/2019 to 10/27/2019
It's a hot summer evening and Julie Rodgers has had a bad day. Her boss made a pass at her that she rejected, so she got a pink slip with her check. Julie's broke and disillusioned, so she drinks and turns on the stereo full blast to make the pain go away. Then her roommate comes home in the midst o...
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CHALK (a silent comedy.)

Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street  10/5/2019 to 10/27/2019

Photo credit: Carly Jennion. More production photos available at:
If everything you drew became real, where would your imagination take you? A charismatic clown discovers magic chalk that makes everything he draws come to life in this fantastical one-man show guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages. A non-verbal physical comedy in the style of the great silent...
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In The Jungle of Cities

M. Fine Lumber, 200 Morgan Ave.  10/10/2019 to 10/20/2019

Jungle Image
In The Jungle of Cities, written by Bertolt Brecht in a premiere adaptation by Isaac Bush. This site-specific, immersive production is ensemble driven and focused on fresh conflicts of race, gender identity, and socio/economic injustice. This harrowing story finds fresh life on the raw streets of cu...
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Stupid Fucking Bird

13th Street Repertory Theatre Company, 50 West 13th Street  10/3/2019 to 10/27/2019
An aspiring young director rampages against the art created by his mother’s generation. A nubile young actress wrestles with an aging Hollywood star for the affections of a renowned novelist. And everyone discovers just how disappointing love, art, and growing up can be. In this irreverent, contempo...
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Wolf Tale

The PIT Loft, 154 W29th Street  10/4/2019 to 10/30/2019

Not Your Children's Fairytale
In killer pumps and a silken robe, the Big Bad Wolf is on the prowl to change the old tales and all hell is about to break loose. A spitfire Little Red Riding Hood, two absent minded minions, and a VERY confused Woodsman (or Woodswoman…whatever) later and Once Upon a Time will never be the same. Des...
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En El Ojo De La Aguja

The Tank @ 36th St, 312 W 36th St  9/7/2019 to 9/22/2019
After a disappearance, three characters remain trapped and under constant observation. Meandering between twisted ideas about social behavior, they struggle to create meaning (or run away from it?) while trapped in a strange place. With expulsion looming, sophistic discussions on culture and myths d...
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REEKING of INDISCRETION: Madame X's Allerton

The Chain Studio Theatre, 312 W. 36 St, 4th Floor  10/7/2019 to 10/21/2019

Period illustration suggests how Robert Allerton & Madame X might have been seen in 1906 for REEKING of INDISCRETION: Madame X's Allerton
The Chicago Tribune’s Madame X, society doyenne Caroline Kirkland (1865-1930) declared Robert Allerton (1873–1964) Chicago’s most eligible bachelor in 1906. His personal relationship with Caroline Kirkland, both in high society & everyday life, & his intimate relationship with John Wyatt Gregg (1899...
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The Seance Machine

The Tank @ 36th St, 312 W 36th St  10/10/2019 to 10/31/2019

The Seance Machine. A scientific demonstration of a brilliant piece of machinery and engineering destined to revolutionize the study of the physics of sound and push the boundaries of the world we inhabit.
The Seance Machine is an hour long, interactive theatrical experience. You, our audience of scientific “colleagues” are invited to observe and participate in the first demonstration of an exciting new tool. A brilliant piece of machinery and engineering destined to revolutionize the study of the phy...
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