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Secret Identity

Flea Theatre, 41 White Street  1/9/2019 to 2/2/2019

Secrety Identity by Chris Weikel
The world can be unbearable when the school bully paints a target on your back. For 16-year-old JT, it means retreating to the safer and terrifically exciting world of spandex-clad super heroes he’s created. Things get complicated, though when his imaginary, square-jawed hero Paladin suddenly has co...
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Anne of Green Gables: Part I

Royal Family Performance Arts Space, 145 W 46th Street, 3rd floor  1/24/2019 to 2/11/2019

The emotional experience of an imaginative, red-headed, hot-tempered 11 year-old orphan—and what happens when she is accidentally brought into the home of a pair of quiet siblings on Prince Edward Island. Featuring Broadway's Ali Ewoldt....
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Wild Project, 195 East 3rd Street  1/23/2019 to 2/10/2019
Bethany, a health and safety manager at a wind power company, is tasked with distracting and diverting the efforts of Michael, a wildlife advocate, from challenging the expansion of their wind farm. Her assignment becomes all the more complicated when the two become romantically entangled, and while...
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Hercules: In Search of a Hero

Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand Street  1/24/2019 to 2/10/2019

Hercules: In Search of a Hero is a new theater piece combining excepts from Euripides’ plays Alcestis and Hercules, along with original material, to explore the meaning of heroism in our time. Hercules is a man of violence, usually heroic by killing. Alcestis, on the other hand, is a woman who stand...
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The Tank, 151 West 46th Street  1/3/2019 to 1/20/2019

Rebecca Gibel as Dominque in REAL. Photo: Monica Vilela.
New York, 2019. Dominique, a 40-year-old married white woman, is a successful working mother who decides to take up an instrument she used to play when she was young. New York, 1934. Dominic, a 20-year-old gay immigrant, and a promising composer. After having a dream, he starts writing a fugue, and ...
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Wendell & Pan

The Tank, 151 West 46th Street  1/10/2019 to 1/20/2019

The cast of Wendell & Pan (L to R): Margot Staub, Anuj Parikh, Shavana Clarke, Nick Ong, and Nya Noemi Photo credit: Ria T. DiLullo
Life's hard when you're 11, your only friend is the ghost of your 12-year-old dead aunt, your sister wishes she could be on the other side of her cellphone, your parents make every room frigid, and your sick grandpa wants you to kill him. Presented by The Skeleton Rep and The Tank, WENDELL & PAN is ...
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Episcopal Actors Guild, 1 East 29th Street  1/19/2019 to 8/18/2019

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Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens, 21-12 30th Rd  1/31/2019 to 2/16/2019

Queen tells the story of two female scientists, Sanam and Ariel, who have spent the past seven years researching vanishing bee populations across the globe. Just as they are about to publish a career-defining paper, Sanam stumbles upon an error which could cause catastrophic damage to their reputati...
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Befuddled 101

Brick Theater, 579 Metropolitan Ave.  2/7/2019 to 2/16/2019
Monologist Max Silver is jolted from his mundane existence into a schizophrenic Max Headroom style dystopia. An immediate intersection of his parental resentments, his painful breakup, a deficient understanding of American politics, Russian history, artistic manifestos, and every bit of media he’s e...
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The Neurology of the Soul

A.R.T./New York Gural Theatre, 502 W 53rd Street  2/8/2019 to 3/2/2019

Image by Clinton Corbett
A new play by Edward Einhorn examining the nexus between neuroscience, marketing, art, and love. Set at a neuromarketing firm, it follows a neuroscientist who is trying to scientifically define love; his wife, an artist who is using her brain scans as the basis of video self-portraits; a marketer wh...
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State of the Union

Metropolitan Playhouse, 220 E 4th Street  2/10/2019 to 3/10/2019

American Eagle
Grant Matthews could be the Republicans' savior. A Democrat has held the White House four terms running, but this dynamic industrial tycoon has the charisma and populist instincts to woo a broad swathe of the voting public. With the help of his lover, a driven newspaper magnate, the party leaders co...
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