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Recipeints of the 2015 IT Awards  

The 2015 New York Innovative Theatre Awards were presented on Monday, September 21st at Mason Hall. The event was hosted by Jason Kravits, directed by Tim Errickson with script contributions by John Patrick Bray.

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2015 Nominees Announced 

Monday, July 20, 2015: The New York Innovative Theatre Foundation, the organization dedicated to celebrating Off-Off-Broadway, announced the 2015 NY Innovative Theatre Award Nominees at the DIAMOND HORSESHOE, (home of Queen of the Night). The announcement was made by the co-executive directors, Shay Gines and Nick Micozzi, Company Manager, Akia and prominent members of the community including: Jennifer Harder (actress and vaudevillian), Kelly Hayes (dancer, actor, choreographer, and ensemble member of Conni’s Avant Garde Restaurant), Jaquelyn Langraf (actress, writer, director, and first year acting teacher at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School), Antonio Miniño (Co-founder of Manhattan Theatre Works, owner of Fab Marquee Productions and publicist at Katie Rosin's Kampfire PR), Duncan Pflaster (playwright), and Jordana Williams (Co-Artistic Director of Gideon Productions).

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The Joe Cino Ring 

by Mac Rogers 

Sometimes a colossal honor can fit inside a tiny circle, no wider than a human finger. The Innovative Theatre Foundation (ITF) received one such physics-defying honor this past July 21st, when Martin Denton and Rochelle Denton of the New York Theatre Experience presented core ITF team members Shay Gines, Akia Squitieri, and Nick Micozzi with a ring that once belonged to a man named Joe Cino. It’s not so strange if you measure the honor inherent in a ring not by its circumference, but by the hands through which the ring has passed. By this metric, there are few objects in American theater of equal value.

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How are they Chosen? The IT Awards Judging Process 

We get asked that a lot. So, we produced a fun 5-minute video to explain how the process works. It features many of the OOB artists we all know and love. We hope it helps answer some of the questions that you might have. Check it out on YouTube. You can also check out the powerpoint presentation of the process.

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Check Out Our Blog

In our continuous desire to reach out to you and to keep nurturing this community in any way we can - and as a means for YOU to get to know US better, the all-volunteer staff here at the IT Awards invites you to our informal forum. We are excited to share with you our impressions, ideas and reflections on this very active and hugely entertaining Off-Off-Broadway community in a casual and personal way.

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